john studebakerThe KLESIS INSTITUTE offers live college level courses, Seminary-level courses, and self-study courses (without homework, unless requested). These courses may be taken by Pastors (for Continuing Education), Missionaries, church members and leaders, college students, advanced home school students, and anyone interested in developing their calling and studying the Scriptures.

Each KLESIS course, taught by Dr. Studebaker, will parallel a course currently being taught (also by Dr. Studebaker) through the LEMA Seminary (see below).

Each course will highlight the proper understanding of our KLESIS (“calling”)–primarily to God, that we may know God intimately (our Vertical Call), and secondarily to a specific mission (our Horizontal Call). Each course will also highlight the study of the Bible, the primary source of the Christian faith, essential to faith and obedience to God.



  • To prepare Church members, College students to serve Christ and their churches as “called” Ambassadors of Christ.
  • Provide support for the training of African Pastors and teachers.
  • To provide continuing education courses for Pastors and Missionaries.
  • To further one’s personal growth, spiritual development, Bible knowledge, theological knowledge (doctrine) and practical knowledge (wisdom).
  • To develop an integration of theology, calling, ministry, work and life.


I’m Professor John A. Studebaker, Ph.D., and I’ll be your primary teacher / mentor.  I have taught college theology and Bible courses for over 20 years, including 14 years at Hillsdale College in Michigan. I am currently the Director of Bridge Ministries, Inc., and a Professor with the LEMA** Seminary (see www.lemaseminary.net).

I specialize in Theology of Calling, Theology of the Holy Spirit, World Religions, Christian and Non-Christian Worldviews, and Biblical Theology.


All proceeds from KLESIS INSTITUTE courses will go toward supporting the training of African Pastors and teachers through the LEMA Theological Seminary. So, as a KLESIS student, you’ll experience what the Africans are experiencing, and you’ll support Pastors and teachers in Africa who are not able to afford Bible School or Seminary training.

Patrick was my LEMA student in Spring 2023 from Amuria, Uganda (pictured to the right). Patrick is a Pastor and a farmer. Almost all of our students are bi-vocational, since they are not able to attend school full-time and continue to support their families.


All KLESIS Institute courses are $99. Though taking the course with KLESIS, you are making a donation to the LEMA Seminary.

Attending 6 courses, over the course of 2-3 years, will result in a KLESIS INSTITUTE Certificate to indicate (along with practical ministry involvement) initial preparation for church and ministry leadership.

* KLESIS is Greek for “calling”

** LEMA = Leadership and Education Ministry in Africa.


  • VOCA Workshop (starts February 9)
  • World Religions (starts March 11)
  • Theology, Renewal, and Empowerment of the Holy Spirit (starts September 16)

(an additional course may be added if a church or organization has a particular interest)