What does it mean to live a called and distinctive life? 

Bridge Ministries, Inc. is a non-denominational ministry serving Pastors, missionaries, ministry leaders and their spouses.  We provide a variety of ministries to meet the need of every leader.

In particular, we help Christian leaders find and fulfill their Calling. This affirms the intrinsic value of one’s work and ministry, correlates divine creation and human creativity, and instills ministry with divine presence.

The BMI Oasis is a place of revitalization, refocus, and renewal for Christian leaders. Visit www.bmioasis.com

The Oasis provides 2-5 day retreats:

(1) Revitalization Retreat

(2) Refocus Retreat

(3) Renewal Retreat

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KLESIS (Greek for “calling”) is a set of courses designed to proliferate a theology of vocation among Pastors and Missionaries. Visit www.vocaworkshop.com

These courses include:

(1) Theology and Practice of Life-Calling:  Our VOCA (LifeBridge) Workshop combined with Scripture studies (the call narratives of Abraham, Mosis and Jesus’ disciples), theology of calling, and the practice of spiritual disciplines (i.e., Sabbath, rest, prayer and meditation, re-assessment, etc.). You’ll develop a working template of calling, incorporating vertical, horizontal, and practical aspects.

(2) Renewal in the Holy Spirit. A practical theology of the Holy Spirit, helping Pastors and Missionaries renew their spiritual vitality, their minds and souls, their calling and gifts, and their churches.

(3) World Religions: For those going or returning to the Mission Field.

(4) The Voice of Truth: Discerning worldviews in our culture and developing a Christian worldview; Christian Apologetics; “Taking Every Thought Captive”.

LifeBridge Coaching was invaluable. It helped me see the value in knowing my God-given purpose, which drives everything else I do. Without purpose there is a void, a futility in every other effort in which I engage.

Brenda White (Counseling Ministry)(August 2020)

I am thankful to God—for Bridge Ministries, and for his divine providence in allowing me this time away! I was blessed to gain a new vision for the coming year. I am excited to see what God will do in the future as I set out with newly defined purpose, mission and vision!

Adam Gudbrandson (Youth Ministry Leader)(August 2020)