LifeBridge Seminars

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Why Have a LifeBridge Seminar in Your Church or Business?

LifeBridge helps Christians answer four critical questions:

  1. Why Are You Here? (Your Purpose)
  2. What Has God Uniquely Called You To Do? (Your Mission)
  3. Where and How Are You Going to Do It? (Your Vision)
  4. Are you living out your Purpose, Mission, and Vision on a daily basis in the context of your Church Community and in your world?personalworkpic

Seminar Topics Include:

  • The Biblical View On Purpose In Life
  • Exploring The Purpose Of Your Past
  • Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Writing Your Purpose, Mission and Vision Statements
  • Applying Your Mission Statement To All Areas Of Life

LifeBridge is, according to Pastor Bill Goodrich, "biblically-based and professionally executed." Pastor Kevin McCarthy states, "It was very effective. As a Pastor it helped me clarify my gifting and purpose to my congregation." (More testimonies here).

The Seminar incorporates Powerpoint technology (or overheads), multi-media, group interaction, and each attendee receives a LifeBridge Notebook (a $20 value).

LifeBridge emerged from the in-depth research conducted by our Executive Director, Dr. John Studebaker, while studying for his PhD (in Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2003).  However, LifeBridge is very "user friendly."  It is at the "level" of the layperson (that is, not over anyone's head). We have been doing LifeBridge Seminars for over 10 years.

Five varieties of The LifeBridge Seminar 

  1. LifeBridge Seminar with Ministry Matching
  2. LifeBridge Family Seminar 
  3. LifeBridge Leadership Seminar
  4. LifeBridge Cultural Impact Seminar
  5. LifeBridge Coach training Seminar


Register for a LifeBridge Seminar

To register for: 

"LifeBridge Seminar"


Includes: Seminar workbook, lunch, refreshments.



To pay by credit card (through paypal) please click Add to Cart. In your cart, change the quantity to number of participants.

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After paying, you will be directed to a page requesting more details.

To pay by check: please send check, payable to Bridge Ministries, to 10851 East D ave, Richland MI 49083


Call John Studebaker at (269) 277-7020
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Pastors, Get More Information on a LifeBridge Seminar

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting a LifeBridge Seminar with a Bridge Ministries associate, please provide the following. We will call you within the next week. Please go to Hosting A Seminar and Fee Schedule for important details on hosting and promoting a LifeBridge Seminar, and to sign up your organization.


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